Monday, June 27, 2011

We Love Collars..and so do YOU!

Collars collars collars! I love love love it and want to wear an oxford shirt under every sweater, dress, and blouse that I own just to give myself a collar. Check out how these girls style their collars from Beijing to London.

(all pics from here)

And last but not least my collar. Which I like the best..not because it is mine but because of my massive NECK PARTY. Try it layer all the necklaces you own, then go to your friends and layer on all of hers...and this will result. Now its your turn, show us your collars or better yet your collars surrounded by a massive neck party.

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  1. collars are definitely the way to go.

    thanks for stopping by my blog


    Much Love ♡

    + Jess +