Sunday, June 19, 2011

Getting Crafty with Faux Porcelain

Inspired by crafting super woman Erica Domesek and her blog P.S. – I Made This… I created my own porcelain pottery! Requiring a steady hand, glass or tin containers, white puff paint and white spray paint, you can create the perfect ceramic look-alikes for your summer blossoms. The first step is to puff paint any sort of design onto your containers whether you get carried away or not… 

Once the puff paint has dried, you then spray paint the container evenly and wait the few minutes until it is dry once again. After the drying process is complete accent your new faux porcelain pottery with some summer time flower clusters. 

Turning these plain jars into a stylish accent for a room is the perfect way to sophisticate a flower centerpiece, and in my case transform my dark den-like family room into something a bit girlier. Good luck, go forth and craft!

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