Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hair Wrapping

I gave our girl Sarah a hair wrap a couple days ago after completing one in my hair the previous day, with much help from a mirror. Girlfriend, a hair wrap is as easy as putting a friendship bracelet on your wrist, with the help of scissors, friendship bracelets string, mousse or hairspray and probably a friend to put it in or a mirror as in my case. 

First what you want to do is locate a small bit of hair and braid it into a teeny little thing. Secondly, mousse or hairspray that little bit until there are no wisps of hair protruding off the braid, this will make the hair wrap nice and professional looking. 
Then pick your colors of the string, as many as your heart desires. An important point to remember is to make sure you cut them long, better safe than sorry and I am betting you will end up using more than you had predicted. Next tie one of the ends up in your hair as close to the root as you can get and start doing an easy make-a-four knot incorporating the strings not being used and the ends of the tie under the knot. Keep knotting down, switching colors of the string as you go, making stripes or color blocking your hair wrap.

 I normally stop when I reach the ends of my girl’s hair although you can continue on as long as you are willing to go.

 Hair wraps can stay in for months if you make them well and remember not to brush them along with your hair. You can incorporate charms, beads and feathers as well if you would like to get even craftier. Try it out girlfriend and show me your skills at wrapping hair!

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