Monday, July 11, 2011

Oregon Country Fair

This past weekend I travelled to the Oregon Country Fair and with the help of my fabulous friend Ahron, we scoped out the fashion scene of said fair. First and foremost there was copious amount of skin shown, I’m speaking of skin that comes out when the weather is hot which is normally innocent and decent exposure. But there was also the kind of nakedness that makes an appearance with the aide of numerous drugs, hippie music and just the right environment. I am talking painted nipples and titties, cock socks and old man saggy booties. 

What can get better than that, you ask? Well any adornment upon your body that makes you appear like a feral animal, with or without rabies. Tails, fur and horns all make this category. 

Ahron made my day posing next to a large faun, what a beaut he was…

We spotted an infinite amount of lycra pieces which I wouldn’t quite recommend on a hot day as can you say “sticky on your bod-ay?” but boy were they inspiring! 

And what would the fair be without the outrageously dressed masses that romped through the winding forest paths...

What did we learn for next time? Pack body paint, dress sparingly, bring loads of money for food and fun and an open mind. And yes, this is a pom-pom skirt with a bondage vibe...

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